Reports and Other Documents Issued by the IEC

Title Date Comments
2016 Hypoxia Season Review 2016 PDF 5.5mb
Hypoxia in Far Western Long Island Sound and Upper East River. 2015 Report 2015 PDF 1.3mb
Interactive guide to the CCMP 2015 2015 Linked Report
Hypoxia in Far Western Long Island Sound and Upper East River - 2014 2014 PDF 2.56mb
Hypoxia In Western Long Island Sound And Upper East River 2013 PDF 1.8mb
2012 Annual Report 2012 PDF 878kb
Hypoxia In Western Long Island Sound And Upper East River 2012 PDF 1.9mb
2011 Annual Report 2012 PDF 4.3mb
Hypoxia in Western Long Island Sound and Upper East River 2011 PDF 3.6mb
2010 Annual Report 2011 PDF 2.1mb
2010 Annual Report in Brief 2011 PDF 7.1mb
Newark Report: Implementation and Assessment of the Effectiveness of the Green Infrastructure Technology in Newark, NJ. Presentation: Low Impact Development Symposium September 28, 2011 2011 PDF 2.4mb
2009 Annual Report 2010 PDF 4.5mb
2009 Annual Report in Brief 2010 PDF 4.3mb
IEC’s 2010 Integrated Report   PDF 5.6mb
Blending Report: A joint project between IEC and EPA’s Office of Research and Development to determine the microbiological impact of blending prior to disinfection. 2010 PDF 900kb
Impact of Summer Ambient Temperatures on Elevated Levels, Persistence and Regrowth of the Enterococcus Indicator Bacteria at the Silver Sands State Park Beach in Milford, CT 2008 IEC Report, Complete, PDF 500k
2008 Annual Report 2008 PDF 4.2mb
2007 Annual Report 2007 PDF 3.9mb
2006 Annual Report 2006 PDF 4.4mb
2005 Annual Report 2005 PDF 2.0mb
2004 Annual Report 2004 PDF 2.5mb
2003 Annual Report 2003 PDF 3.7mb
2002 Annual Report 2002  EXE file 5.4mb
2001 Annual Report  2001 EXE 5.3mb
2000 Annual Report 2000 EXE3.4mb
1939 ANNUAL REPORT, the Commission’s 1st Annual Report
Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 l Part 4 l Part 5 l Part 6
1939 1.5mb per section
COMBINED SEWER OUTFALLS in the Interstate Sanitation District
Executive Summary and Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Western Long Island Sound
Chapter 2: East River
Chapter 3: Harlem River
Chapter 4: Hudson River
Chapter 5: Upper New York Bay
Chapter 6: Newark Bay and The Kills
Chapter 7: Lower Bay
Chapter 8: Jamaica Bay - Rockaway Inlet
Chapter 9: Atlantic Ocean
1988 .5-2.5mb per section
Organization & Regulations 2000 pamphlet 729k
Water Quality Classifications in the IEC District    Interactive  map

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